Creation and Transfer of Knowledge Management in Sports Institutions and Organizations

  • Viktor Mitrevski Assistant Professor, BAS – The institute of Management – Bitola, Republic of Macedonia.
  • Alexandar Aceski Assistant Professor, Faculty of physical Education, Sport and Health, Ss. Ciryl and Methodius University - Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.
Keywords: management, knowledge, creation, transfer, information


Identification of available and required knowledge, generation and creation of new capital of knowledge and its maximum usage are the key elements in the knowledge management which is emerging as a new school of management in the world. Standardization, transfer and timely application of knowledge in modern sports have become a major component in monitoring and achievements of the world's top results. For the specificity of sport organizations and the rapid changes that occur in order to follow the successful process it is necessary to know to which extent is the capital of knowledge available, how to create and store new knowledge, how to manage knowledge and how to apply it. The research is aimed at discovering new scientific information that will find suitable application in improving achievements and competitive advantages in sports institutions and organizations. Sports educational scientific institutions and sport organizations in the area of Republic of Macedonia have been included, in order to identify the ways of creating knowledge management and its relation to the sharing and transfer of knowledge.

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