A Study on Viewers Satisfaction towards Hindi News Channels at Hyderabad

  • R. Nageswar Rao Professor and Director of Infrastructure, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.
  • Vani. H Research Scholar, O. U, Hyderabad, India.
  • S. Vandana Principal, Vidya Dayini Institute of business Management, India.
Keywords: Media, Viewership, Positioning


It was once called the media revolution. A better description today would be ‘media explosion’.  There are innumerable media generated stimuli that are floating around in the environment of the human sensory system, bombarding it with an electrifying intensity and velocity. The common man has become both a beneficiary and a victim of the proliferation of media channels. The human need for entertainment is as old as the human species is. The cable and satellite television channel industry has been going all out to woo the viewers in catering to this fundamental need of theirs. The genre of news channels is a key player in the whole spectrum of media. The present study is based on the identification of viewership preference/satisfaction towards news channels.  The competition in the news channel industry in the current scenario hinges on this very factor. The paper attempts to explore the impact of viewer’s satisfaction and their preference on various news channels and the overall satisfaction on the viewership, the effect of repositioning efforts, and preference for news channels based on various factors.

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Rao, R. N., H, V., & Vandana, S. (2015). A Study on Viewers Satisfaction towards Hindi News Channels at Hyderabad. Indian Journal of Commerce and Management Studies, 62-69. Retrieved from http://www.scholarshub.net/index.php/ijcms/article/view/540